A world of Images

Photosphere and our team of professionals are here to guide you through all artistic and technical choices right up to delivery of the finished product. When you contact us we will arrange a meeting to explore your requirements, introduce you to our existing collection of stock photos and discuss the creation of personalised images based on your products and your corporate identity.


Our Collection of stock photographs

Caroline Martin’s vision consists of using photographs from the Photosphere catalogue in such a way that people can recreate and breathe new life into the images in the collection.

There are limitless ways to reinvent a Photosphere image: by changing the colour, frame, shape, material or all of the above.

An infinite range of Photosphere possibilities await you, backed up by the support and guidance of our Photosphere team of professionals.

Choix d’images sur Catalogue

La vision de Caroline Martin est d’ouvrir à chacun un espace infini de création à partir des photographies du catalogue Photosphere pour leur donner ainsi de nouvelles vies. Chacun peut ré-inventer une image du catalogue Photosphere en changeant la couleur, le cadrage, la taille, le procédé d’impression, le support ou tout à la fois.




Create custom images : Allow your brand to be photospherised”

This module involves the creation of strong, exclusive images based on corporate identity, branding or products.

What makes our concept original is the way all company communication is given a visual logic and coherence, from the interior design of the workplace to visual communication media (paper or electronic).

“TO PHOTOSPERISE”: involves using Macro photography to give an artistic interpretation of a product or service in keeping with existing corporate branding and in a way which is often poetic but always surprising. Instead of the more usual representation or description of the product or service, an abstract approach is used.

Interior Design

By creating an interplay between personalised images and the workplace, branding is enhanced and a harmonious, motivating work environment is created.

All the photographs can be reproduced on any form of media.

Communication Media

Our personalised images enhance your brand, boosting its clarity and visibility, whatever the means of visual communication.