The steps to achieving

Developing an artistic direction involves a delicate balance between photography, graphic design and choice of material. It entails:

  • Presentation of our collection of stock photographs and samples of materials
  • Defining an artistic direction based on your brand and the products and services associated with it
  • Developing a design and presenting two approaches
    Approach 1:Exploring Macrophotography based on the product or service.
    Approach 2:Using graphic design and photography to explore corporate identity
  • Definition of design requirements – where the photos will be, material and format.
    (Examples: open-plan mobile partitioning, printing on glazed areas, on curtain fabric, on Alu-Dibond panels, backlit photograph in an LED lit lightbox etc…)
  • Choice of approach and quotation
  • Production of the photo and graphic design
  • Reproduction and positioning of the photos on the material chosen
  • Delivery and installation