Our philosophy

Photosphere is a design philosophy developed by Caroline Martin, based on her photographic creations.

Photosphere is aimed at interior design professionals, trade fair designers, hotel and restaurant businesses and individuals.

The images

Nature is at the very heart of the Photosphere aesthetic.

Caroline Martin’s images, caught in Macro photography, reveal a graphic and abstract universe which remains invisible to our day-to-day view of the world.

Printed in large format, they reveal hidden strengths, capture the spirit of dreams and reveal unexpected surprises. Photosphere images emphasise and personalise the spaces they occupy, providing a wealth of shapes, colours, materials and lights to harmonise or contrast with each other. We work with collections of stock photographs but we also create personalised images, based on both your products and your corporate identity.

The materials

It is essential to have the right material in order to achieve the best results when printing in large format. Our knowledge of printing techniques and materials opens the way to bold creativity in our choice of images.

Our service to you

Photosphere is a team of experienced professionals able to advise you through all artistic and technical decisions right up to delivery and installation of the final product. Understanding the language of graphic design is our job and our vocation.

You can contact us both in France and in Germany


Wikipedia definition: The photosphere is the layer of gas which constitutes the visible surface of stars and, in particular, the sun. It is also where the majority ofspectral lines are formed from ultra to infra-red rays.