About us

Caroline Martin

Photographer and Designer
After training at the École de l’Image des Gobelins in Paris, I set up my first photography studio in 1986, specializing in still life and reportage photography in the fields of advertising, publishing and for direct customers. During my travels I have been deeply influenced by mood, ambience and the light I experienced and I seek to recreate these impressions in the studio by working with light and my chosen materials with enormous care and in meticulous detail. Much of my work involves floral and food photography, specifically illustrating recipes.   Over time, however, my passion for plants and my interest in organic architecture has lead me to explore more abstract photography using enlarged images in very large formats for design purposes.   This led to the founding of Photosphere.




Angélique Piazza

printing laboratory Officina Fotografica in Munich

Angélique Piazza is the co-founder, together with Peter Handschuh, of the Oficina Fotografica in Munich. Over the past twenty years they have constantly sought to expand and develop their photographic processing competences. This craftsmanship has been further boosted by recent digital techniques. Oficina Fotografica excels in the production of top-of-the-range prints on all media, particularly large-scale formats for exhibitions and museums.

Angélique Piazza works with Photosphere as a technical consultant and is head of production in Germany.





Joël Nadler

Pierson et Axiom Graphic in Paris

Joël Nadler’s talent over the past thirty-five years has been his extraordinary capacity to embrace evolutions and revolutions in the graphic arts and hone his skills accordingly.   Having worked for many years as commercial director of the famous photogravure company Penta in Paris, he now works as a production consultant.   He directs his projects as a true master of his art, passionate about new technologies in a world of photography which is in constant flux. His valuable experience means he is not only able to offer his clients the best technical and commercial solutions available, but will also be able to meet any challenge which comes his way.

Joël Nadler coordinates the production of Photosphere projects in France.




Laurence Ciclet

A34 Agency
Laurence Ciclet works since 1999 as an independent art director. After earning her degree in architecture she became passionate about photography and design, specifically graphic design. As a creative graphic artist she helps professionals as well as private customers find the right communication concept and platforms. With 14 years of solid experience in professional website design and construction, Laurence’s insight can help turn your project into success.

Laurence Ciclet works as a graphic artist on the Photosphere project helping to “photospherize” your brand.